Melanie Riley

Melanie Riley has 20 years PR experience in the field of corporate communications, public affairs and litigation PR. Melanie co-founded Bell Yard in 2002. She has provided litigation PR and communications advice on a wide variety of issues ranging from commercial disputes to employment litigation on behalf of both businesses and high-profile individuals across a number of jurisdictions. She leads the agency’s issues management work, advising legal teams, HNWs, senior executives and PR teams on communications responses to risks to business or to private lives becoming public property.

Melanie also heads Bell Yard’s specialist campaign assignments. She spearheaded a UK based programme to highlight the inequality in the UK/US extradition regime, exposing the human stories behind the legislation, and founded, the voluntary organisation designed to help victims of unjust US extradition requests.

Melanie previously worked at public affairs agency Cicero and Ludgate Communications. During this time, she undertook a wide variety of litigation PR projects in areas ranging from medical negligence to employment law and personal injury. She developed an interest in consumer affairs and retailing, which ranged across both litigation and political PR mandates. Her work at this time included many European assignments, as well as those in the UK.

Melanie began her communications career by joining the London office of investment bank Nomura International, where she was responsible for day-to-day liaison with financial print and broadcast media across Europe.